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Here Is Terry 04/10/2013

Haven't posted anything in a while, so here is vector Terry. Done as a design for a website and just fooling around.

XBMC Ball Streams 24/06/2013

A while back I posted about XBMC Hockey Streams and the plugin I developed in Python for XBMC. Well that project is still ongoing thank...

BattleShots Drinking Game Reaches 2K Downloads 29/04/2013

Hurrah! BattleShots Drinking Game has reached a milestone of 2,000 user downloads. Some of the feedback received has been great, at some point there will be more features to come but thanks to all who have downloaded, played, shared and got merry with BattleSh...

BattleShots Game Architecture 27/01/2013

IntroductionThe imp...

BattleShots Drinking Game 05/01/2013

Been quiet recently and as such I usually pick up a project or two I am interested in. So here comes BattleShips Drinking Game for the Android Market. The game co...

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XBMC Ball Streams 02/06/2013

I previously wrote about the XBMC Hockey Streams plugin I wrote for XBMC. Well the guys at hockeystreams have asked me to build the followup which is their XBMC Ball Streams plugin. The same idea except using their basketball delivery service, I was happy to do the work so for all interested you can now enjoy basketball from the comfort of your XBMC.